Volunteer in Aitutaki, Cook Islands with Travel Teacher | How you could join us in one of the worlds most remarkable destinations

Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Cook Islands

Travel Teachers philosophy combines education and exploration providing volunteers with an unique opportunity to immerse themselves fully into the culture, tradition and livelihood of life in The Cook Islands.

Our project focus in The Cook islands is supporting education through sustainable development. We provide vital human resource and skilled expertise to our partnered school Araura College in Aitutaki. Volunteers who join our programs will play a key role in addressing a number of key objectives set by our organisation and partnered school such as;

- Reducing staff / students ratios within the classroom environment
- Providing 1-2-1 / small group support to students, allowing for a more individualised approach to learning
- Educating students on the importance of wider skills
- Promoting health and well-being through learning and education.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Cook Islands

Volunteers who join us do not have to be qualified teachers or even have any experience in the teaching profession. We recognise teaching as a transferable skill amongst all, and through our high quality pre departure preparation we will equip our volunteers with the technical skills, confidence and competence to carry out their role effectively whist out in the field.

Opportunities for personal development…….

Our program in the Cook Islands doesn’t just extend to impact through volunteer work, a large part of our philosophy surrounds the importance of personal development and the ability to broaden your own horizons through travel and exploration.

Half of the day (in the mornings) from Monday - Friday will be spent in school supporting our project aims, whilst the remainder of the day (not forgetting the weekends) will be spent embarking on a journey through our local expedition. We will take you off the beaten track, providing you with the opportunity to see through the eyes of the locals whilst learning new skills and fully immersing yourself within the culture of The Cook islands.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Expedition in The Cook Islands

We will introduce you to authentic Cook Islands Maori, you will learn a traditional way of cooking underground - using ‘umukai’ meaning earths oven, you will learn to weave bracelets and ringlets using palm leaves and also try your hand at some traditional dance during an ‘island night’.

In addition to embracing culture and tradition you will embark on an adventure as we take you to nearby uninhibited islands for you to experience true island life and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, you will have the opportunity to snorkel in the world famous Aitutaki Lagoon and encounter the Giant travelly fish who occupy areas of the reef.

 Travel Teacher | Aitutaki lagoon

Your expedition experience will not only allow you to take part in a unique, once in a lifetime experience but it will also act as an educational tool for informing you of issues surrounding sustainability, conversation and protecting the environment.

The process for joining us is very simple, we ask that you complete a short application form which allows us to find out more about you and your reasons for wanting to volunteer with us, we will follow this up with a short telephone call from a member of our team to introduce and talk about the next steps.

Once you have been accepted onto our program, your preparation will begin and we will work with you to ensure that your time in Aitutaki is rewarding, fulfilling, ethical and adventurous, ensuring impact is at the heart of everything that we do.

(Please note there are program fees associated with our volunteer expeditions more information can be found at www.travelteacher.co.uk)

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Thank you for taking the time to read our educational travel blog! Travel Teacher aims to create impact and develop individuals through the promotion and delivery of meaningful travel expeditions.  Volunteer in Fiji and The Cook Islands, broaden your horizons whilst gaining valuable life experience and making lifelong memories.  Find out how you can join our community.