Volunteering in The Maldives with Travel Teacher - All you need to know.

Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Maldives

We are now live with our online content featuring our outstanding opportunities for meaningful travel in The Maldives in partnership with Secret Paradise Maldives and Sunshade Volunteers.

You are able to find our program information under the header ‘partner programs’ From there you will have access to the following information about this unique volunteer expedition.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Maldives

Volunteer in The Maldives | Program information

All that you need to know about our program including:

  • Information on how you will make an impact
  • What's included
  • What's not included
  • Program dates
  • Program fees
  • Information on how to apply

Island Life

Living on a remote, local island in the Maldives is certainly something very unique. In this section you will discover all that you need to know about the local culture, which as a volunteer with Travel Teacher we will ask you to embrace.  

You will also learn about Hoandedhdhoo Island located on the Huvadhoo Atoll.  This is the place in which you will call home during your expedition.  the atoll itself is one of the largest in the world, just above the equator.

You will also have the opportunity to find out about local people and how you can be expected to be treated / welcomed during your time on the island. You will get to know their favourite past times and interests, which you may even be able to participate in during your time on the island.

Finally you will be able to explore some of the opportunities available to you during your downtime and have an insight into some of the extra activities you can get involved in during your volunteering experience.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Maldives

Expedition overview

Our expedition overview will provide you with an exciting look forward as to what is in store for you during your 1 or 2 week program with us in The Maldives.  We will show you an expedition overview which will begin to produce excitement and intrigue.
There is no typical day on an expedition with Travel Teacher, everyday brings a new challenge, new obstacles and different surroundings.

 Travel Teacher | Maldives Expedition

Application Form

Finally details on how to apply and the application form itself. Here you will be able to make an informed choice as to whether our project in The Maldives is for you.

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