Why it is important for students to consider volunteering abroad

I am a student, why should I consider volunteering abroad?

It is a buzz word which you may come across fairly frequently during your time at university ‘internationalisation’, but what does it mean?

"the process of integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of post secondary education."

 Travel Teacher | UCFB Student Aaron Whitnall

Promoting a high quality, equitable and global learning experience can help prepare students to live in and contribute responsibly to a globally interconnected society.  As a student you can make a valuable contribution to the process of internationalisation through participation in global initiatives such as volunteering overseas.

Tool for developing key wider skills

Having the opportunity to volunteer overseas during your time at university is something that shouldn’t be passed up.  You will have the chance to reinforce the strength and meaning of your studies by developing your own transferable skills which will eventually be used in conjunction with your degree course in order to assist you in getting a job.

Volunteering in an environments that carry certain hardships is seen as an ‘real life’ experience, add the fact that you will be doing this overseas is certainly a step out of your comfort zone.

We have devised our top 4 personal and professional benefits of volunteering during the period of your studies.

 Travel Teacher | Tak Mavure, Student of Southampton Solent University


Make New Friends

Volunteering overseas in challenging, remote environments encourages the development of lifelong friendships. On a volunteer expedition with Travel Teacher you can typically expect to be joined by at least 15-20 like-minded travellers. Sharing the often intense experience of working for a community with very limited resources is a sure way to forge friendships with the strength to survive both the test of time and of living on different continents!

Rewarding Experience

A Volunteer expedition with Travel Teacher will be the most rewarding journey of your life. You will have the opportunity to make an impact on young people and communities faced with hardship, this will certainly be a humbling experience fuelled with self fulfilment and reward.

Have the time of your life

In addition to your impact in the field, you will have the opportunity to embark on an adventure during our in country expedition. You will get to experience lots of ‘firsts’ - we will expose you to authentic culture and tradition as you step off the beaten track and discover uninhibited islands, remote waterfalls and cultural landmarks.

Feeling of accomplishment

After completing your time overseas you will have certainly felt a huge sense of personal achievement. You will have overcome challenges and obstacles by displaying both physical and mental robustness during your time with Travel Teacher. Our programs are developed with the intention of taking participants out of their comfort zone, when you look back on your time in the field you will have positive memories which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

 Travel Teacher | Holly Farmer, Student


Team working skills

During your time abroad you will be working closely with a diverse range of people from your fellow volunteers to local teachers and staff members who will be supporting you on your project.  Your capacity to work effectively within a team environment will be recognised positively by employers.


Not only does volunteering provide the hands-on practical experience that employers value, it is also an opportunity to meet people of all ages and backgrounds from all around the world and forge professional as well as personal connections.  These connections may prove to be valuable at a later stage in your career just ask Travel Teacher’s very own Director Matt Ray.

International Experience

Employers look upon an international experience as a valuable addition to your CV. You will be recognised as an individual who has responded to challenges, been exposed to multicultural environments and displayed a sense of independence. These skills are seen as key requirements for many employers and transfer directly into the workplace, so why not standout from the crowd?

Management Skills

As a volunteer, you will almost always be put in a position of responsibility / authority. Whether this is for a small group of people or students in a classroom or a whole team.  Being able to manage effectively will support the development ofyour career prospects in the right direction.


Convinced? Travel Teachers philosophy surrounds providing opportunities for ethical, meaningful and educational programs overseas (not forgetting adventurous)  If you are looking to volunteer overseas make sure you do your research and be sure that the overall outcomes / intentions of the project meet your own needs and objectives as a student.