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Volunteer in Fiji | Testimonials

Following a hugely successful summer in the South Pacific, we have returned home to Travel Teacher HQ in the United Kingdom.  Its been a summer filled with impact, personal achievement, individual successes and overcoming barriers. Volunteering abroad in Fiji with Travel Teacher will extend you beyond your normal level of comfort, we believe that is where the magic happens (out of your comfort zone).

Exceptional life experiences

Our team were proud to witness a number of success stories over the summer and we are forever grateful that individuals have chosen to embark on this journey with us.

Below we have shared a number of testimonials from our meaningful travellers who joined us in Fiji this summer.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji
One of the most amazing/eye opening experiences of my life. Fiji is such a beautiful country and I was lucky enough to see everything that it had to offer from the beautiful waterfalls to the manic Suva! The children at Ratu Filise were such a joy to teach, they really made you feel comfortable and helped you appreciate every moment that you had with them. If you’re wanting to do volunteering I would definitely 100% recommend travel teacher.
— Jordan Knight

I wanted to travel the world while making an impact to places i visited in anyway possible - therefore Travel Teacher appeared perfect for me and clearly many others. Little did i know that making a change to a place like Fiji and the Fijian people would also completely change and impact me as a person - my outlook on life and the world along with my perspective on happiness has been broadened and i find myself being fascinated with the smallest of things now that i have experienced such a wide variety of lifestyles.
— Alannah Sullivan
The month I spent in Fiji with Travel Teacher has been the most amazing, life changing experience. The teaching aspect definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but the children at Ratu Filise Memorial School were an absolute pleasure to teach, and it was amazing to see the impact we have had at the school and to the children lives.
— Caroline Chippett
 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Expedition Fiji
An amazing opportunity to experience Fijian culture and teach in the local school, as well as explore the island’s highlights on all the different trips! Everyone in the village was so kind and welcoming which made the trip even more amazing - hope to go back!
— Tashana Mcnaught

Amazing experience being immersed into the Fijian culture with travel teacher. We were warmly welcomed into Ratu Filise and our local family and shared experiences that will never be forgotten.
— Laura Ansbro
Words really won’t do justice to truly encapsulate my experience out in Fiji. The country is beautiful and the people the most friendly and accommodating. This trip has been amazing from start to finish - I’ve been challenged daily, taken out of my comfort zone, experienced new things, embraced a different culture and met the most wonderful people, locals and children.
— Shannon Johnson

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