Travel Teacher's Top 5 Travel Tips for 2018

Travel Teacher| Our top 5 Travel Tips for 2018

Here we have it, our Travel Teacher top 5 travel tips for 2018. As we enter a new year, a clean slate, an opportunity to start a fresh, try something new or maybe take that trip that you've been wanting to do for a while.  Many choose to take exercise and fitness as their means of new years resolution, why not choose to travel more? You can kill two birds with one stone and use your trip as an opportunity to get fit or even plan your trip with activity in mind. Travel certainly is a win win and we have some travel tips to help you in 2018!

 Travel Teacher | Travel Tips

We have identified our top 5 travel tips of 2018 to provide you with some guidance and hopefully inspiration to book that trip and set off on your travels.

1 / Don't wait, just book it.

Providing you have no barriers which restrict your ability to book that trip, just do it! What are you waiting for? Give yourself something to look forward to and be excited about. There is no better feeling than booking that trip (other than being there of course).  Having booked your trip you are able to do lots of other exciting things, like research, shopping and of course share the good news with your friends and family.

2 / Go somewhere new.

Go to that place that you have never been before, try something new and opt for a change of setting / scenery. Change can be strange, but its also the unknown that excites a traveller. Choose to explore new walks of life and cultural surroundings, this will add to your experience, you will learn more and it will tick another country / place off your list.

3 / Try something more meaningful.

Have you ever though of doing something more meaningful with your travels like volunteering abroad or experiencing authentic culture and surroundings? We are not talking about your regular touristy holidays or experiences, we mean immersing yourself deep within local culture and becoming part of a community.  There are lots of ways that you can give back whilst enjoying your time overseas, it can be both stimulating and fulfilling.  More and more people are opting to do something more meaningful like volunteering abroad during their travels.


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4 / Travel Solo.

Travelling solo is the best! Be your own boss, be in charge of your own destiny. Travelling solo will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people whilst overseas - this may mean that you will get to practice a new language, and you may even develop a friendship (s). Travelling on your own can often be a daunting experience, especially if your travelling abroad, but fear not, the experience will not only strengthen you as an individual it will make for great memories when you return home.

 Travel Solo

5 / Avoid booking package trips

We thought we would finish with a money saving tip. Although booking a package deal can often save you the hassle of arranging your trip, it will also cost you more money.  Taking responsibility for booking your trip also makes it more fun, you can plan stop off's or possibly arrange to see multiple places. We recommend that if you are travelling long haul to search flights individually, for example - if flying from London to Sydney, can you search flight from London to Hong Kong (possibly stop for a night or two) and the Hong Kong to Sydney.  You will often find that breaking down the flight bookings will often save you money.

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