5 Reasons why you shouldn't volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher

5 Reasons why you shouldn't volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher (Well you should really)

Before applying to volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher here are a few things that you should be aware of..

1 - After volunteering abroad you will be forced to ditch your standard beach holiday

While volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher you will not keep to the standard tourist track. You will immerse yourself deep within village communities an embrace local values and traditions.  Volunteering with us isn't your standard vacation, you wont be lying round the pool wondering where your time went whilst away, (although you will have downtime) you will be engaging in something meaningful.  Our in country itineraries in Fiji and The Cook Islands will take you off the beaten track and provide you with an experience unavailable to normal tourists. 

 Travel Teacher volunteers

2 - We will take you out of your comfort zone

If our not willing to approach travelling with an open mind and exposing yourself to new experiences, cultures and ways of life, then volunteering probably isn't for you,  As a volunteer with Travel Teacher we will introduce you to new walks of life and expose you to unique cultures and ways of living.

 Jungle trek in Fiji

3 - You will land a second family

Be prepared to develop lifelong friendships,  from both your fellow Travel Teacher volunteers to locals that you will meet whilst out in the field.  You will become part of our community.  You will get to tell your story, whilst listening to others whilst embracing diversity.  Be warned!

 Travel Teacher Community

4 - You WILL change for the better

Volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher will change your life.  Travelling, living and learning with like minded people will provide you with an exceptional journey driven by personal development.  You will improve your confidence, learn new languages and be humbled by local community life.

Your mindset will change, you will develop core values and intercultural skills, you will approach life with an open mind and be fuelled with accomplishment knowing that you have made an impact with your volunteer work.

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5 - You will struggle with life after volunteering abroad

After volunteering with Travel Teacher, it will become increasingly difficult to settle for a standard vacation, you will become fixated with seeking more meaningful travel experiences that allow you to explore new culture and landscapes.  Your weekends at home suddenly wont feel the same, you've been used to island hopping in Fiji or exploring the magical lagoon in Aitutaki.  You will have a bad case of the travel bug upon returning home! The struggle is real.

Are you still intrigued? Whether your volunteering abroad from 2-6 weeks or undertaking a longer-term internship, our team will ensure that you are contributing to sustainable impact alongside our other volunteers.  See more of our volunteering and internship opportunities.

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