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Although located on an island paradise, Araura College based Aitutaki, Cook Islands has very limited funding.  Children in Aitutaki are in need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a meaningful educational experience for young people.  Due to the remote locality of the island the staff at Araura are devoid of any opportunities for professional development in the form of further training and sharing of best practice. This project will address these issues by supporting the school in providing high quality teaching support and ensuring that the school has access to the basic materials to inspire the learners to learn and continue to engage in their lessons.

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Araura College, Aitutaki



Our project in Aitutaki, Cook islands seeks to improve the quality of education available to the students at Araura College. In addition to this we aim to improve the schools infrastructure as well as supply the school with educational equipment and materials. Charitable Trust funds will be used to supply books, art materials, sports equipment and other much-needed supplies.  Working in partnership with Araura College, this project will improve school facilities / materials as well as the quality of education available to children in the community. Our volunteers will provide vital hands on classroom support, ensuring that the needs of the students are met and also to provide much needed relief for teachers, enabling them to undertaking course planning and assessment.

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Travel and teach in Aitutaki, you will provide high quality human resource to the school, exposing students to new walks of life and imparting your own knowledge and expertise which will broaden the students subject horizons and allow them to fulfil their potential in school.  Your participation on this project will contribute towards Araura's strategic goals of solidifying an infrastructure for the school and improving the teaching and learning for 21st century learners. Find out more about The role of a volunteer in Aitutaki throughout out teach Cook Islands project.

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As our key partner school in The Cook Islands, our objective includes developing facilities for learners and teachers, providing extra assistance and collaborate on a all curriculum programs. This will improve the transferable skills for the young students creating more opportunities for employment and benefiting the community for generations to come.

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“Bringing together a mix of cultures and experiences will be something that the staff and students will not only benefit from but also remember for many years to come. ”
— Tracy Spiers - Principal, Araura College

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Garden Project

For the majority of tourists visiting Aitutaki in The Cook Islands, the underlying issues of hardship are not immediately visible through the shear beauty of the turquoise lagoon that surrounds the island. It’s not until you journey beyond the resorts and into the rural communities, that issues affecting children and communities in Aitutaki become clearer.

One of the major issues on the island is the high levels of obesity amongst children and youths which consequently leads to serious conditions such as diabetes. A catalyst for this is the amount of imported, processed foods and soft drinks (which by the way are very expensive) available to young people on the island.

In addition to this the islands Schools are in need of support and devoid of basic materials and many students drop out of education early. Access to organised youth schemes, sport and extra-curricular activities which promote health and social well-being are also limited to non-existent.

We are proud to be making a sustainable, collaborative difference with Araura College in Aitutaki and work on our first project is well underway.  Through our charity The Travel Teacher Foundationwe work with the school to address the basic needs with the aim of delivering a brighter future for all.

 Travel Teacher | Our impact in Aitutaki
Travel Teacher has been a great support for students of Araura College, we have learnt lots from them and its great to be introduced to teachers from new cultures.
— Ruby Bragger - Araura College Student
 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Cook Islands

We are delighted to share with you an ongoing project where students have taken ownership of a fruit and vegetable garden, funded by our charity.  The garden allows the school to grow and produce fresh fruits and vegetables which can be a healthy substitute for the processed foods at the school tuck shop.  The garden is managed and maintained by students, allowing them a sense of responsibility and also providing them with a platform to develop work skills.  We hope in the future that the garden will present an opportunity for enterprise in resourcing neighbouring resorts, resulting in further funds for the school.