Cultural Exchange

Immerse yourself in culture

It’s easy to do things we are familiar with; to communicate with people we know and with a similar background, who are interested in the same things as us.

Even when we travel, there is a temptation to do the same. We often follow a well-worn route and spend more time with individuals like ourselves who are doing the same as us.

Travel Teacher’s cultural immersion programme is more than just being a visitor and seeing the sights, it’s a unique opportunity to engage meaningfully with the people who call it home. To build relationships, make friends and see life from another perspective. To truly become a global citizen.

Ben Kilbey

During my time in Fiji I felt like I have grown as a person, It has really taken me out of my comfort zone.

Challenging but rewarding

You’ll find yourself challenged in ways you won’t expect, be inspired by the people you meet and learn more than you can imagine. Your routine will reflect that of the locals and you will be exposed to the rigours of daily life, as well as its rewards that you may not have previously considered. You may even find your second home.

Whilst our cultural immersion programme has unending benefits for those who take the plunge, this also extends to those who open their doors to you. It brings much-needed economic benefits to local communities and provides work in places where there aren’t many alternative options. In turn, this increases the morale and living conditions of local communities and can reduce some of the hardships they previously experienced.

There will be no shortage of opportunities for you to travel and explore, we will encourage you to look deeply into the big, bountiful world, and revel in the knowledge that there are still many, many roads Less traveled. You will go beyond the usual sightseeing tours to experience unique, immersive moments that truly connect you to the people and places you visit. Each day you will set off on an ethical adventure trail and get stuck in with a range of exciting activities.

Travel Teachers cultural immersion programmes inspire growth, encourage openness, and helps you to develop global perspectives before taking the next step, wherever your path may lead.  So what are you waiting for?

What's included?

Shared accommodation
Meals subject to destination
24/7 support
Location orientation
Expedition activities
Travel Teacher T-shirt
Pre-departure training
Access to online members area

What's not included?

Travel Insurance

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