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Can you keep a secret? We hope not!

We need you to help us spread the word! In return we will reward you with a small amount of cash which you can put towards your own journey with us or use for your own pleasure! For every friend you refer to us we will give you £100.

It is super easy to qualify for this, your friend must quote your name in the additional information section of our application form when registering.

There are no caps on the number of referrals. To be eligible for your cash reward your friend must sign up to one of our programmes and complete the full payment balance prior to you receiving your monetary incentive.

Ben Kilbey

During my time in Fiji I felt like I have grown as a person, It has really taken me out of my comfort zone.

Greg Ferris

One of my biggest life lessons to date in Fiji, from the start the programme provided me with personal, deep, immersive travel.