Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad | Job Description

Role and Responsibilities of a Volunteer

Amidst the beauty of our project destinations, the spectacular beaches and coral reefs: a magnificent string of islands floating peacefully in the ocean, there are also impoverished rural populations who as yet have not been able to benefit from its strong tourist trade.  As a volunteer on work placement with Travel Teacher your contribution can assist a global community in having a brighter future.

Education is a key element in achieving sustainable development in our project countries and by assisting in the local communities you can make a positive difference to the lives of many young people, teaching them vital skills both physical and academic.

As a volunteer teacher your work will cover a structured, engaging and motivational scheme of learning which complements the country's national curriculum. Your work will awaken your creativity and initiative and provide you will responsibility and fulfilment.

Remember the Travel Teacher team will always be here to lend a hand if you need support with any of your roles!