Our Service Learning Programs

In partnership with Aitutaki Island Council, Cook Islands

Regardless of background, volunteers are able to receive an invaluable opportunity to travel, learn about another culture, and serve in a developing community.  Our goal is to provide experiential learning opportunities and cultural expansion for volunteers while supporting the development of education among young people and communities in the Cook Islands.

Education for Sustainable Development - Cook Islands

Our educational programs are geared towards participants developing teamwork, leadership and intercultural competency.  In partnership with the local island council, volunteers will work closely with local teachers and deliver fundamental academic and life skill development to students through teaching and learning.

 Travel Teacher | Service Learning

Your program will be an immersive, intensive experience packed with service activities and authentic exploration!

In the evenings, there will be designated time for group reflection – time to discuss and express what you’ve experienced in your day at school either formally or informally.

 Travel Teacher | Community Enrichment in The Cook Islands

Who is right for our educational projects?

Our service learning programs are a great fit for college, sixth form and University students from the ages of 17 upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will the program last?

Our program duration varies, depending on project requirements and your personal preference for a short or medium term experience. We provide opportunities for students to engage in a in-country service from 2-8 weeks.

What Support and Guidance can I expect to receive?

After registering for a your SL program with Travel Teacher, you will have continual support pre departure, during, and post-trip. You will have a designated member of our team who you can contact 24/7 leading up to your trip and while you are travelling to ensure you have the support you need until you connect with your field coordinator once you arrive in country. More information on pre departure preparation. You will have 24/7 staff accompaniment while you are in country and the support travelling companions, so you will never be on your own or without a local expertise.

What are the minimum group sizes for a service learning program

The minimum group size for a service learning program is 8 with a maximum of 20.

How do I know Travel Teacher is a reputable organisation?

Find out from those who have been there done it and got the t-shirt. You can read reviews and watch testimonials on our programs here