Village Life

Bula! Welcome to Fiji

Arriving into the village will be the most eagerly anticipated day of your expedition, you will be greeted by the locals as you attend a traditional welcoming ceremony at the local village hall where you will get your first opportunity to try Kava - a traditional drink in the South Pacific, this will be presented to you by the executive head of the village.

During your volunteer program in Fiji you will become accustomed to the term 'Fiji time' the term represents the state of being, a term that lets the stress of the modern world just evaporate.

 Volunteer in Fiji | Kava Ceremony
 Volunteer in Fiji | Cultural adaptation
 Volunteer in Fiji | Traditional Welcome

Cultural Adaptation

There really is nothing like a Fijian village! However it may take you a short time to adjust to, after all we will be extending you beyond your normal level of comfort - this is part of your look at life journey.  You will experience a basic standard of living, the communal harmony among locals, strong religious beliefs and the traditional customs and values in the village. You will receive full support

By the end of your expedition you will of developed a great, first hand understanding of Fijian life through undertaking local practices and engaging with 'real' people at the heart of the village.  You will have undertaken experiences unavailable to traditional tourists which will assist you in developing key personal skills and important life values.

Namatakula Village, Fiji

Namatakula Village will provide sanctuary for our volunteers during their placement experience. Namatakula is a fairly large village with about 600 inhabitants, the village lies on the coral coast of Fiji, on the main island of Viti Levu See Map.

Namatakula's largest buildings are two churches, a Roman Catholic and a Methodist church which boasts a community hall. From the moment that you step into the village you will be accepted into the community and experience true 'Fiji Time'.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji


As a volunteer with Travel Teacher you will get the opportunity to live like a local.  Our home stay accommodations lie in the village of Namatakula and will provide you with a unique cultural experience.  Travel Teacher's very own country manager for Fiji - Vani Ruve will be your host for the duration of your stay.

Local Food

All of our meals will be provided by our local team as included in your expedition fee meaning there will be no burden on local food resources. Often there maybe different people at your home for lunch and dinner – in Fiji it is custom to invite anyone who is passing into the home to eat. Expect lots of root crops such as dalo and cassava, and also lots of fish, as this makes up the bulk of a typical Fijian diet. All special dietary requirements will be catered for, during your pre departure preparation you will have the opportunity to make us aware of any individual needs.