Volunteer Abroad

Who volunteers with Travel Teacher?

Travel Teachers volunteer expeditions are suited to individuals over the age of 17 that are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone. Students volunteer abroad with us as our projects not only allow them to see the world but it also provides invaluable career development opportunities at the same time.  Individuals embarking on a gap year see volunteering as a meaningful way of learning something new and inspiring others during their time abroad.

Travel Teacher | Supporting school sports in Fiji

Industry professionals view our opportunities to teach abroad as an excellent opportunity to participate in continual professional development, if you are a current teaching professional, our projects provide an ideal opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and expertise in a diverse classroom environment whilst discovering some of the most beautiful places on earth.  We also deliver individualised volunteering projects for university and college groups which can contribute towards your degree or vocational qualification. 

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Travel Teacher | Volunteer training at Wembley Stadium, London

What skills will I develop whilst I volunteer abroad?

Volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher provides participants with a opportunity to develop vital transferable skills which will enhance both your personal and professional development. Check out our popular blog: How volunteering abroad will improve your employability skills