Volunteer in Fiji

How it works

1. Apply to become a meaningful traveler

 Travel Teacher | Meaningful Travel

Simply select your chosen program location and we will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Your application will be followed by an informal telephone conversation with our team to enable us to find out more about you.

2. Welcome Meeting

 Travel Teacher | Welcome Meeting Wembley Stadium

Join us at Wembley Stadium for our pre-departure welcome meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet members of your expedition group as well as The Travel Teacher Team. Take part in team building activities and look forward to your expedition

3. Bula - Welcome to Fiji

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

The day you have been waiting for -The start of your journey! You will be greeted at Nadi airport by your expedition leader, now is the moment to adjust your watches to ‘Fiji Time’

4. Journey to remote village

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

We begin your journey to a traditional Fijian village community approx 2.5 hours from Nadi airport so sit back and enjoy the ride, along with the magnificent view of Fiji’s Coral Coast.

5. Arrival / Orientation

 Travel Teacher | Program Orientation

Arriving into a Fijian village is an exciting prospect, all the things you have imagined leading up to your expedition are now right upon you. After time to settle and unpack desired items and taking in your new surroundings your expedition leader will lead you on an orientation around the village and deliver an important health and safety induction.


6. Traditional Welcome

 Volunteer in Fiji | Kava Ceremony

You will be greeted by the locals as you attend a traditional welcoming ceremony at the local village hall where you will get your first opportunity to try Kava - a traditional drink in the South Pacific, this will be presented to you by the executive head of the village.

7. Volunteer Program

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Your focus each morning will be on supporting the development of youths through providing skilled classroom assistance at the local village school. You will offer support and guidance to students throughout a range of curriculum subjects including English, Maths and Physical Education.

8. Expedition

 Travel Teacher | Fiji Expedition

Each afternoon you will have the opportunity to step off the beaten track and explore your surroundings through our expert local guidance. Trek to remote waterfalls, visit uninhibited islands, snorkel with exotic marine life and much more.

9. Celebration

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Your final evening will be a celebration to commemorate your achievements during the course of your project. There will be tearful goodbyes but also pride in reflection of what you have achieved during your time overseas. Before that you will be treated to a farewell dinner and participate in a awards ceremony to celebrate success.

10. Memories

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

After a program debrief we will ask you to complete an evaluation based on your experience with Travel Teacher. Here you will recall the incredible memories which you have made during your time in The South Pacific.