Our Vision

Volunteer in The South Pacific

Since our formation in 2015, Travel Teacher has been dedicated to providing opportunities for volunteers to undertake meaningful travel and support the sustainability of our global projects in Fiji and The Cook Islands

A key component of the success of our small community stems from the desire of the participants who choose to join our projects and volunteer in the South Pacific.

Our Mission

Travel Teacher's mission is to deliver ethical, meaningful and educational volunteer expeditions to support partnered communities, whilst providing volunteers with an opportunity to broaden their own horizons and develop key transferable skills through a challenging, rewarding and authentic experience.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer project Fiji
I can honestly say that volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher has been the best experience of my life, I cannot believe how much I have learnt.
— Natasha Smith, Travel Teacher Alumni

Founders Story

In 2006, aged 23 I embarked on a gap year experience which would change my live forever.  I spent time in Asia, Australia and The South Pacific. During a trip over to Fiji I spent time in village communities and had the privilege of meeting local people, noticeably Vani Ruve, now friend of 10 years and part of the Travel Teacher Team.

Vani would share stories of the challenges that her and family encountered on a day to day basis, from living circumstances to accessing quality education, I was inspired to help.  I spent the following 10 years teaching in the UK whilst thinking about how I could provide support in addressing some of the issues that Vani and her community were facing.

I firmly believe that travel is the best form of education. Having the opportunity to broaden our own horizons through authentic cultural immersion is an invaluable tool for personal development. I hope this platform provides you with enough information to make an informed choice about our programs
— Matt Ray - Founder and Director
 Travel Teacher Founder and Director Matt Ray


My experience traveling taught me many valuable lessons and allowed me to acquire key transferable skills and personal values which I have carried with me ever since. I wanted to develop an organisation which combined my passion for travel with my profession.  The name 'Travel Teacher' was the ideal fit which provided a platform to develop a model that worked alongside global communities with a long term, sustainable vision to create impact through engagement.  I believed that because of the long-term vision and community engagement in our projects, volunteers would ultimately have a deeper, meaningful, rewarding journey with us.

Our impact would stem from knowledge delivered through teaching.  I have been very fortunate to of been able to pass knowledge onto young people throughout my professional career. Using education as a key driver I believe that we can demonstrate a passion, commitment and responsibility in creating impact with the global communities that we work with.